Saturday, May 2, 2015

Alert To My Fellow Artists

I recently received an international order, which was placed through and email instead of using the website checkout process and I want to tell you about it.

The order was placed by a person named Olivia Hanesson ( in The Netherlands. She first inquired if I received payment using a credit card and if we shipped internationally, and also requesting for a quick reply. I replied confirming that we received credit cards via Paypal and that we did ship internationally. She then replied with a 30 item silk-shibori scarf order, which seemed unusual already. She also requested a prompt reply and a shipping quote.

I replied offering two shipping quotes, one which was free-shipping if she chose to wait a bit longer. It was a surprise to me when she didn't choose any of my options but asked me to use a specific shipper whose contact is SPEEDGOODFREIGHTLLC@GMAIL.COM. She indicated I should use her customer ID number, which was is AA357429522A. She wrote in her email that the reason she wanted to use this shipper was because her location was hard to find and this was the surest way to get my product to her.

At this point her request seemed even more unusual because why would a store who is hard to find need thirty silk-shiborio scarves? I then googled the name of the shipping company, which returned nothing and so we googled her email address, which returned a scam alert thread.

Basically the scam goes like this, the person requests to use their own shipper, they ask you to pay with a credit card for the shipping cost and then they will reimburse you. Once you have paid, communication stops and you never get reimbursed.

I'm hoping this email serves as an alert to my fellow artists. If you receive an order from someone you've never done business with and the order seems unusual, please take time to do a bit of research before purchasing materials or spending any type of money to complete the order. I was very lucky I didn't.

I'm listing the shipping address they gave me below just in case other people who google them find this blog and prevent can being scammed.

Haarlemmerdijk 180C,
1013 JJ Amsterdam,
The Netherlands

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Magic Sizing Technique Experience

I had such a great experience painting with the magic sizing technique; the technique has a lot of potential that I am yet to discover.

Thank you Karen Sistek for sharing your wisdom about this technique with me.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

New ArtSilk Top Collection

Hand-painted Silk Tops
Available in S, M, L